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Please review all membership registration documents and resources before renewing your membership. They will help familiarize you with the new system and the registration process before you begin.

Membership Type


Member Description



Coaches, Instructors, Administrators, Judges Level 3 and above, Club Representatives, LSSC Officers, Zone Officers, members of the Board of Governors

Introductory Official


Judges Levels 1 & 2

Competitive Athlete


Athletes that compete in championship events from the local to the national level.  Championship events include: Novice, Intermediate, and Age Group Championships, 13-15 Championships, Zone, Regional, Junior, and Senior Championships.

Introductory Athlete


Recreational or Collegiate athletes that do not compete in any championship events.  Non-championship events include: camps, clinics, and invitationals.

Friends of Synchro


Supporters, fans, and/or family of USA Synchro

Trial Athlete


Renewable 30-day trial membership. Upgrades are available, but only $15 will be credited to the upgrade. This membership does not qualify for competitions.



Membership for the LSSC

Life Member


International Professional Member   



$75 per quad

Membership for those who wish to support US Synchronized Swimming for a lifetime.

Membership for international coaches wishing to participate in educational opportunities offered by USA Synchro.
(does not include any kind of insurance or other member benefits)